How Gris is that!

Pinot Gris comes in so many forms. It can be as neutral as water, thick as oil, aromatic as a Lilly, sweet as candy, and bitter as pith! This variability gives producers an array of possibilities. For me, the glorious Australian sunshine provided an opportunity to let ripeness flow, and with that comes all of the wonderful flavors and textures Pinot Girs can be. 

I wasn’t the only one who thought like this either. My dear friend, and partner on this Pinot Gris endeavor, Sierra Reed also believed this to be true.  So we did it together. 

I believe in looking at Australia independently.  The wines are unique, and singular in their own right.  However, my greatest tool when approaching  how to handle and care for a harvest is to rely on context. Alsace is an enchanting wine region, and one that I had the great fortune to visit.  With The textured, weighty, off-dry, and slightly bitter icons produced throughout the region, it was hard to look at this vineyard of Pinot Gris and not reach for the Alsatian example.

The vineyard, pictured above, is Boon Wurrung/ Bunurung country, and has been looked after by the Bunurung people of the Bunurung nation hundreds of generations. This part of the Kulin Nation is referred to today as the Mornington Peninsula, and the Red Hills district within it.

2019 is sold out, the 2020 arrives in May!